PreZero Grand Prix

Series of three tournaments organized within the framework of GrandPrix PLS. For the first time we worked outdoors on the beach. In each of the locations we produced about 600 badges.

For the first time in history, as the only volleyball league in the world, additionally in exceptional circumstances. Polish Volleyball League thanks to the fantastic cooperation with its shareholders was able to create and organize a completely new tournament at an express pace. All this was done so that the club teams, though obviously in a slightly different edition, would remind their fans about themselves and give a chance for promotion to their sponsors and partners. And what’s most important, they created shows which became an invitation to September starts Plus LeagueTAURON League and TAURON 1. League Male.

Na to wydarzenie zorganizowaliśmy trzy Biura Akredytacji w plenerowych warunkach, z czego ostatnie (w Gdańsku), było dosłownie na plaży. Pierwszy raz zastosowaliśmy także nasze narzędzie do zbierania oświadczeń COVID-19