Akredytacje i biura prasowe

Akredytacje i biura prasowe

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Comprehensive system for managing accredited people for mass events

Proper security of a mass event is not only a necessity, but also improves its organization. Our accreditation system will significantly facilitate carrying on your event and control over accredited people.


One of the largest portals associating journalists in Poland

Create your press office page and publish content on a personalized platform. Keep journalists informed of your activities through SMS notifications and emails. Create events and conduct media accreditation process using an intuitive dashboard.

Why should you choose Accred Events?

Both the dashboard and the badge are fully personalized for your event and contain all the required information.

Users enter their own data into the system, and permissions are automatically assigned according to the list. You no longer need to collect data in e-mails.

For over 10 years in the industry, we have served festivals, conferences, and sporting events. We have created an optimized and bespoke System based on our experience and clients' expectations.

Proper security of the mass event definitely facilitates the organization. The badges ensure the security of the Organizer from unauthorized people. Moreover, our System and security procedures meet the highest standards of the GDPR.

What do our badges look like?

Przykładowy identyfikator

About badge

We implement full and unlimited personalization. You can add any number of access zones, groups, colours and other tags. Data is not entered into pre-made fields, we print the entire front of the badge. As a result, graphics can be completely integrated on the entire surface of the badge. It can even change according to the zones, groups or days of the event.

The badges we produce are as rigid as plastic cards and resistant to weather conditions. The A6 format makes it possible to include a large amount of information in a legible way.

The time to produce a badge during an event does not exceed three minutes: registration, accreditation of the person, taking a photo, production of the badge. During the event, we produce badges on a flow production. In the basic configuration, badges can be issued every thirteen seconds.

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